San Martino

Tower, 35 m², Sleeps 2 people
1 bedroom , 1 bathroom

San Martino is a small 2-story tower over the main gate to the castle courtyard; it takes its name from the large fresco depicting Saint Martin sharing his cloak with a beggar. It is accessed from the upper courtyard (two short flights of stone steps).

Downstairs there is a cozy sitting room with beamed ceiling, fireplace and parquet floor; a mini-kitchenette in the back includes two burners, a sink and a small refrigerator.

Upstairs is a bedroom with high beamed ceiling, parquet floor and queen-size bed, as well as a small bathroom with stall shower.

San Martino’s outdoor area has a stone table and wrought iron chairs under the shade of a majestic linden tree. This little tower is full of character and perfect for romantic vacations or honeymoons.

High Season

€ 230 / Night

+ € 85 one-time fee

Mid Season

€ 180 / Night

+ € 85 one-time fee

Low Season

€ 115 / Night

+ € 165 one-time fee

Minimum stay of 3 nights.

High Season :  June and September
Mid Season :  May, July, August, October and Christmas/New Year holidays
Low Season :  March, April and November

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Interesting Facts:

The little tower called San Martino takes its name from its fresco, facing the court, of the crusader St. Martin of Tours giving his cloak to a naked beggar on a cold winter day. The beggar is a devil, as shown by his horns, cloven hoofs and tail. Martin does not stop to consider whether the beggar is a worthy person or not, he sees the need and gives. According to legend, at that moment the Lord rewarded him by pausing winter and now every autumn there is a period of a few days when the weather is warm again: what Italians call St. Martin’s summer.

Inside the apartment there is a rendering of the Trigramma, or monogram of Christ, designed by the Franciscan missionary San Bernardino. The letters I H S had been used to abbreviate the name of Christ since the third century. They are first three letters of the Latinized version of the name Jesus in Greek (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ) and also stand for “Iesus Hominum Salvator”, Jesus, Savior of Mankind. The three vertical branches are palm fronds, the symbol of the Palmieri family.

The bookcase near the window is actually a niche that can be opened by pulling the knob. Today a broom closet, it was once a clothes closet for the owner when he opted to sleep in this apartment instead of opening the big house when he came without his family. The kitchenette fills the former doorway to the overseer’s house, through which the Fattoressa (overseer’s wife) would provide Palmieri his meals on those occasions.

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