Tuscany villas for rent

Tuscany villas for rent: an unforgettable holiday

Nothing compares to the awakening through the delightful Tuscan hills, the radiant colours and the shining light make each day an experience of wellbeing and relax. Enjoy the cozy warmth of the sun while doing the things you love, breathe the fresh air of the evening and be enchanted by the colours of the sunset that enhance the landscape leaving unforgettable memories.

With Florence as its regional capital, Siena, San Gimignano… Tuscany is the cradle of the Renaissance, the perfect place to visit if you search for something in between culture and art, a fascinating region full of museums, medieval cities, cathedrals and historic villages.

Taste the very best of Tuscan food in the Chianti region, drink unique wines known all over the world and eat one-of-a-kind oil, enjoy the wonderful food and wine tours and take a walk along the streets of the beautiful medieval towns.

Longing for some first-class holidays of relaxation? Villa rental with pool near Siena maybe? Choose a Villa of the Castle of Montalto in Tuscany and be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of its architecture and estates.



The weather of Tuscany is always excellent but the very best times to enjoy it are Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Days are warm and sunny and nights are generally cool. Olive groves are blooming in Spring, while Autumn is a celebrative period with food and wine festivals. Many villas in Tuscany have private pools and offer spa facilities, especially during Summertime.



The two main airports in Tuscany are Peretola di Firenze (FLR) and Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA). International tourists can make a stopover in Milan or Rome and then use the airport connections to reach Pisa or Florence.

Tuscany is a very interesting Italian region full of truly unique and spectacular attractions. This marvellous region is one of the most loved by both Italian and foreign tourists. A car ride along Tuscany is the best to discover wonderful places, extremely fascinating and rich in culture and history. Therefore, renting a car is an excellent idea to travel around Tuscany with much more flexibility: roads are wide yet busy. Far from the cities the Tuscan environment offers much quieter side streets where you can enjoy the landscape.


A couple of suggestions about travelling Tuscany by car.

Chiantigiana is easily reachable from Florence, or rather the Regional Road 222 that connects Florence to Siena. This road winds through green hills and fairytale villages in the heart of Tuscany.

Many argue that the beauty of traveling lies in the journey itself and not in reaching the destination, this road is the ultimate proof.

Chiantigiana is also famous for being an incredible food trail: the road connects some of the most famous vineyards and crosses many villages that make Chianti a real excellence. If you’re driving down this road you must stop in some tavern or restaurant and taste the Chianti wine.

Nearby Siena, Monteriggioni is undoubtedly worthy a visit. This beautiful medieval town is one of the region's flagships. Its walls are set in a postcard landscape, among rolling hills and ancient farmhouses that take back in time.

Cypress rows line the road and the color of the cultivated fields ranges from deep green to the brown of freshly plowed land: welcome to wonderland. Apart from Monteriggioni another symbol of this region is San Gimignano, an opportunity for a tasty break from your car ride. Discover all sort of places among the dozens of narrow streets of the old town: ancient inns, modern restaurants or wineries with exceptional wines. Make sure not to miss: Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Cisterna, the most fascinating and ancient buildings of the village are there.
The Castle of Montalto offers villas for rent in Tuscany


Villas in Tuscany usually have very ancient historical origins, as the Romans were the first to build their villas to find a cooler climate and relaxation from the city. This tradition has continued over the centuries, also nowadays many families have a home in Tuscany to spend their holidays.

Today many Tuscany villas for rent by the owners are available and usually they have unique characteristics, both for comfort and architecture.

You can find villas of all sizes, for couples, families or groups. This is because some villas have been divided into apartments in order to take advantage of the large space available. Others, however, can be rented as a whole. Many villas in Tuscany have been tuned into real hotels while others have become bed and breakfasts. Tourists can pick their ideal holiday in villas in Tuscany, selecting the one that best suits their tastes and their wishes. From luxurious villas to agricultural estates, immerse yourself into nature while close to cities of art, museums, and other tourist attractions. In addition, many villa owners, as well as private swimming pools, also offer the possibility of horse riding, excursions, local wine, oil and other typical foods tastings.



During the Middle Ages in the cities, when there were frequent clashes between factions and hard political struggles, wealthy families always had a property in the countryside where to escape. Villas in Tuscany, were generally built near small towns and did not have large protective walls such as castles or fortresses.

Both Villas and Castles in the countryside over the years were not interested in increasing the defenses but decorative details: courtyards, arches, gardens and estates. The architecture of these buildings became increasingly sophisticated so that today we can admire the classic but elegant shapes of the Tuscan villas.

Twelve of the most important Medicean villas are open to visitors, they are true symbols of the influence that the Medici family had on the Italian culture through the patronage of the arts. The Tuscan villas, represent a new way of conceiving residences, completely different from both the farmhouses owned by the rich of the period and the castles, emblem of the noble power.

The Medicean villas in Tuscany represent the first example of combining habitability, architecture and beauty integrating the gardens with the surrounding environment. These villas contributed to the development of the respect of the landscape that flourished with the Humanism and the Renaissance. For further information please visit the official website of the UNESCO World Heritage Center in charge of the registration of World Heritage sites.

For in-depth historical and artistic studies, especially for teachers and students, please visit the website of the project "Patrimonio Mondiale nella Scuola", an initiative supported by the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme together with MIBACT and MIUR to promote the dissemination of the cardinal principles of UNESCO in schools, especially through the educational platform.



The Chianti region extends from Florence through Vinci to the beautiful province of Siena, until reaching Arezzo.
It is a unique and astonishing land that makes the tourists always happy.

Its large and smooth vineyards, the evergreen olive trees, the cypress trees all around the Tuscany and the sunflower fields, the sunsets with their unique colors… everything is made to make your holiday unforgettable surrounded by the most incredible landscape. For those who do not know Chianti and come to Italy for the very first time, everything is like a fairytale: flavors, aromas, landscapes and the unique hospitality of the local people.

Enjoy the heart of Tuscany choosing the most authentic accommodation: Tuscany villas for rent by owner, agritourism, romantic Bed & Breakfasts and luxurious Chianti villa rentals.


The Montalto Castle has a thousand-year history, recently the castle has been opened to guests and villa rental tuscany with pool are also available. There are 10 villas, each one is connected to the private pool and the tennis courts, to the vineyards and the olive groves and to the whole estate of 630 acres.
Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity of an unforgettable holiday in the most sought-after area of Tuscany: the Chianti region.
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